About Us

Baumatic covers all the areas of Kitchen and Home Appliances. Find what you need and, even better, find what you like.

Enzo Balestrazzi


The intuition of straight lines and angles, in their playful interaction become functional design that define the aesthetic and practical elements of the product. Baumatic appliances, striking masterpieces in every environment, yet subtle in design, are designed by people for people.

To be at ease with your surroundings, to be surprised by your kitchen every time you enter it is the reason why the design teams work so hard in setting new levels of pleasure for the eye.

Our lines of style accommodate reliable, user friendly and stunning technology. That is why the best retailers in so many parts of the world, from Europe to Australia, from the Middle East to the far away Asia, recommend Baumatic.

Our Brand History

Foundation Of Baumatic

After 15 years of experience in the home appliance and kitchen industry, Enzo Balestrazzi decides to turn his vision into reality, seeing a gap for beautiful, affordable appliances which seamlessly integrate into people’s lifestyles. Baumatic is founded.


Baumatic Piranha Fish

The now iconic Baumatic Piranha fish is added to the logo, signifying the brands aggressive and relentless approach to innovative product design.


Showroom in Czech Republic

Operations in central Europe start with the opening of a flagship showroom in Prague, Czech Republic.


First Sales in Australia & New Zealand

First sales outside of Europe commence in Australia & New Zealand through distributor partner agreements.


"Makeup for your kitchen"

Baumatic launches the “Makeup For Your Kitchen” range, including the worlds first pink and lilac ovens. Products are displayed in the shop window of Harrods together with an independent showroom on the 5th floor.


Subsidiaries in spain & germany

Operations in Europe are expanded with the acquisition of subsidiaries in Spain & Germany.


Dance partners

A partnership program is established with an Italian manufacturing and R&D firm specializing in the growing kitchen sector of induction technology.

Following the success of the “Makeup For Your Kitchen” range, Baumatic launches the “Dance Partners” a more modern and vibrant twist to the combination of color in kitchen appliances.


Hong Kong Showroom

Baumatic launches its Hong Kong showroom to cater to the growing markets in Asia.

A sponsorship program with The National Italian Chefs’ Team (NIC) is established with live cooking demonstrations booked at showrooms in key markets.


First TV advert in europe

A larger focus is placed on consumer marketing by airing the first TV advert in two European countries and sponsoring miss Czech Republic.


First Showroom in Paris

First display showroom in Paris is opened.


New manifacturing facility in guangdong province

New manufacturing facility established in Guangdong province and granted export license for the first built-in oven to be made in the P.R.C with CE approval.

Baumatic celebrates a milestone in its 1 millionth product sold in a total of 38 markets since the brands founding in 1989.


European Innovative Product Awards Winner

Winner of the Euorpean Innovative Product Awards
KuchenInnovation DES Jahres® for its built-in compact range of 45cm Steam oven, vacuum packer and blast chiller.

Launch of a new central 89,000 sq.ft logistics & distribution center in the UK.


"Ombra" range by Alberto Solari

Baumatic engages the architect Alberto Solari to design a new concept of appliances, the “Ombra” range is launched.


Anodized Steel Products

Continuing on the foundation of unique colors and materials in kitchen appliances, Baumatic launches a range of anodized steel products in gold, purple and black.


Launch of a new line of steam ovens

Launch of the new line up of freestanding superheated combination steam ovens. Bringing the technology from the premium built-in appliances to a more affordable and smaller countertop package.


Product advertisment extension to 6 TV channels in P.R.C

Tabletop steam range is extended to six TV sales channels in P.R.C reaching a new breakthrough for consumer exposure in the Chinese market.


Ho Chi Minh City Showroom

The new Ho Chi Minh City showroom is opened to cater to Vietnam’s growing housing development market.


T3 Retro Style steam oven

T3 Retro style steam oven is developed and adapted for social media users with an internal removable camera and Wi-Fi connection for uploading to social platforms.


Launch of Pro Cook model BCS674

Further development in steam cooking technology comes with the launch of the Pro Cook oven, model BCS674. A standard size 60cm oven with professional features such as super heated steam, dual cooking fans, stainless steel cavity and pre-set recipes.


Launch of Procook mini oven model BCS496

Pro Cook mini oven, model BCS496 is launched, taking the lessons from the larger version and being first to market with dual cooking fans to a 45cm oven package.